MORE than 560 people are having an affair in Altrincham, according to figures by a dating website for married couples. has created an ‘Infidelity Index’ to search and discover how many people are looking for an affair in your area.

A search under ‘Altrincham’ reveals a total of 565 people are cheating on their partners.

Neighbouring Sale is apparently home to 940 cheaters, while Stretford has 404 and Urmston 515.

Maidenhead has claimed the title of most illicit town in Britain with more than two per cent of the population cheating, with Bournemouth declared the most faithful.

A spokesman for, Mike Taylor, said: “It is fascinating to see the breakdown of how many people are looking for affairs in your local area, who wouldn’t want to see if they live in a hanky panky hotspot?

"We have already had thousands of people visiting the website looking to see where their home town ranks compared with their friends.”

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