KATE Green, MP for Stretford and Urmston, is supporting the first Walk to School Breakfast at St Hilda’s School in Old Trafford.

On Friday (March 28) parents of St Hilda’s pupils are being asked to leave their cars at home and walk with their child to school.

Parents who live too far to walk all the way can 'park and stride' from St Hilda’s Church and walk to school from there.

All families who have walked to school will be invited for a free family breakfast, with cereal provided by Kellogg’s.

St Hilda’s are also launching its junior traffic warden scheme, where pupils will be issuing ‘parking tickets’ to anyone parking dangerously or inconsiderately.

Traffic safety around schools is one of the issues Ms Green has campaigned on since the launch of her Safer Trafford Streets campaign in response to the road safety concerns of local residents.

Hundreds of residents have joined her on road safety walkabouts, attended meetings with her to discuss concerns, responded to her consultation on the subject and filled in survey forms.

Ms Green said “I’m delighted to support St Hilda’s first Walk to School Breakfast.

“As part of my Safer Trafford Streets campaign I’ve had many residents contact me who live on Warwick Road South and neighbouring streets who are concerned about congestion and unsafe parking around school dropping off and picking up times.

“Inconsiderate parking and traffic congestion is not only an issue for local residents but also really dangerous for the children coming to and from school.

“I’m really looking forward to the Walk to School Breakfast and hope it will encourage as many families as possible to leave their cars at home.”

Tim Coleman, headteacher at St Hilda’s School said: “We want all our families to feel their children are safe to walk partway or all the way to St Hilda's School.

“There are far fewer cars approaching our school now and the school 'rush hour' period is much safer. However, we still have a long way to go. “My message to parent drivers is simple, "Park and Stride."