WHILE Mother’s Day will be a joyful occasion for millions of mums across the UK, for many others, it will be a different story. Among them are those whose mothers have passed away and birth mothers who have offered up their children for adoption.

There are also those couples and individuals longing but so far unable to start a family. For them, according to one of the UK’s leading adoption charities, Mother’s Day can also be a time of hope.

Around 47,000 women are currently undergoing fertility treatment in the hope of fulfilling their dream of motherhood. Many go through the emotional and often costly process several times over an extended period, often without success (statistics show that less than a third of women aged under 35 conceive first time through IVF, and this figure decreases significantly with age.) Leading adoption specialist charity Adoption Matters North West wants couples and individuals to remember that fertility treatment isn’t their first or only option for creating a family.

There are more than 4,000 children in the North West alone waiting to be adopted this Mother’s Day and AMNW is urging those considering, or who are in the process of IVF treatment to think adoption.

AMNW chief executive, Norman Goodwin said: "Couples may have been trying for years to conceive by natural means or with medical intervention. Here at Adoption Matters North West, we want those couples and individuals to know that fertility treatment isn’t their only choice. There are thousands of children out there waiting for a new forever family.”

"We have many successful adopters who began their journey as a result of not being able to conceive naturally. It's certainly not the only reason that couples and individuals decide to come to us but it is a common one and they will be the first to tell you that adoption has helped them find their fulfillment.”

He added: "There have been such massive strides in adoption over the past few years in terms of the forward-looking adoption and fostering options available to potential adopters, the quality of the preparation and the depth of support that is provided. Adoption is all we do and we're always pleased to offer advice and information without anyone feeling under any kind of pressure.”

Adoption Matters North West's adoption team is available on 0300 123 1066 or visit www.adoptionmattersnw.org.