A ROTTWEILER and what is believed to be a Rottweiler cross attacked a Hale woman’s dog as it was being walked along the River Bollin.

The owner of the Springer Doodle, Jessica Rowlands, 34, wants to warn other dog owners to be vigilant when walking in the area, as the owners of the Rottweiler left the scene without apologising for the attack.

Jessica’s in-laws, who live with her on Ashley Road, were walking her dog, Ruby, at around 11am on March 10, when they saw the Rottweilers were not on leads.

“My in-laws asked the owners of the dogs to put them on the lead as they were bouncing everywhere and it was unsettling with them being such big dogs,” said Jessica.

“When Ruby went down to the water, they went after her and attacked her – she is very shaken and has a bite mark at the top of her leg which is about the size of an egg.”

Ruby had to be taken to a vet and required an operation due to the size of the cut in her side.

Inspector Laura Burgess, from Trafford South INPT, said: “We take dog attacks very seriously as we are aware of the impact this can have on the dogs and owners.

“Thankfully there are very few serious incidents but we need information from the public when they do occur to assist the investigations by the police and RSPCA.”