TEACHING staff from a Trafford school took part in the prestigious Education Innovation Conference recently.

Sonia Schofield from Flixton Girls School (FGS) joined the likes of the BBC and the Department for Education in presenting at the event.

The conference brought together leading education experts to share expert advice, training and guidance about integrating innovation and technology into learning.

As assistant head atFGS, as well as head of sixth form, Sonia was well placed to join the prestigious speakers’ list and co-presented with Peter Burgess from GCSE POD (portable learning guides), exploring how this resource has allowed FGS pupils to enjoy a ‘learn anywhere, anytime’ culture.

Sonia said: “It was an honour to join such well-respected organisations.

“We are very forward looking in our practices at FGS, moving towards a Bring Your Own Device culture for our pupils to ensure they have the best facilities and learning resources available to them.

“That’s what makes us a great case study, as one of the first schools to demonstrate how well the resource works.”

The event was held at Manchester Central on February 27 and 28.