RABBIT lovers are being given an opportunity to attend a special care day event at a Sale sanctuary, hosted by the Society for Abandoned Animals.

The rabbit care day takes place on March 9 and will offer plenty of advice on all aspects of pet care, from hutches and grooming to feeding and bonding.

Even existing rabbit owners can bring in their pets for low cost vaccinations and free health checks.

The sanctuary, just off Dane Road, is home to 30 rabbits. The society aims to educate on a range of issues, including diets and handling techniques.

One of the rabbits, Rose, has been at the sanctuary longer than any other animal in the charity’s care, arriving in May 2012. Nick has also been with the society since 2012. Both are playful and sweet natured but have struggled to get on with other rabbits so would be best rehomed as indoor bunnies.

Titch, Giz and Dusty, who are six months-old, were born at the animal sanctuary.

Natasha Woest, manager, said: “Animal welfare is key. We want to make sure that a potential owner can spot ailments and detect signs of ill health. It’s difficult to do so that’s why we want to educate people.”

She added: “It’s difficult to find the right home for each rabbit as they have different personalities. For example, if the rabbit is nervous or it hadn’t been handled a lot, we wouldn’t rehome it with anyone who had a child.

“At the end of the day, we want to encourage people to rescue these rabbits instead of simply going out and buying one.”

Rabbit Care Day runs between noon and 4pm and admission is £1 adults, 50p kids. Refreshments are available. For more information ring 0161 973 5318.