WHAT are the real worries affecting the young people of Trafford?

A recent survey national survey by Calypso Soft Drinks asked 1,000 youngsters aged 11 to 16 about the issues that matter to them and who they believed had the most power to do something to help resolve these issues.

The top problems worry today’s youngsters are:

• Teen bullying and cyber bullying

• Youth crime, stealing and knife/gang crime

• An improvement in their school education

But who is best placed to do something about it, according to the same youngsters. Some of the answers may surprise you.

Prince William was the top pick while Lady Gaga also featured in the top six.

Those people considered to be the best role models and the people who currently have the power to change things the most are

• Prince William

• David Beckham

• Gary Barlow

• Their own parents

• Harry Styles from boy band One Direction

• Lady Gaga

Do you agree with the survey? What are the issues affecting young people in Trafford and who is best placed to resolve those problems?

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