A MOTHER of two who suffers from a rare neurological condition held a get together with other sufferers as she spoke of her day-to-day struggles.

Rebecca Deas from Sale suffers from Moebius Syndrome, a disorder characterised by facial paralysis due to the underdevelopment of the sixth and seventh cranial nerves.

The 33-year-old can’t smile, frown, blink or move her eyes side to side. She also has trouble walking so needs to use a wheelchair and walking stick from time to time.

To raise awareness of the condition, Rebecca was involved in an informal get together at the Coach House pub in the Trafford Centre on February 15, and was pleased with the turnout.

She said: “The event at the Trafford Centre was fantastic. About thirty of us turned up, 10 with the condition. Kids came along as well so they had use of the play area. It was just a great day for us to have a chat with others and listen to people’s stories.”

Rebecca, who has two children, seven-month-old Lexie and six-year-old Logan, gets plenty of support from friends and family but admits her condition is getting worse.

She said: “I take painkillers regularly and I need to rest when I can. My condition is deteriorating. I have arthritis now which runs in the family anyway, but my muscles are getting worse.

“My parents live next door which is really helpful. My dad is disabled so my mum looks after me and my dad.”