CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating after Royal Mail agreed, post haste, to reverse its decision not to replace a Victorian post box that was destroyed in a car accident.

The box which was more than 100 years old, formerly stood on Broad Road, close to the junction with Priory Road, Sale, and was removed more than a month ago.

Residents, many of them elderly, had been told they would have to use a post box a quarter of a mile away instead – which is too far for many of them to walk – but have given their stamp of approval to the news.

Raymond Gardner, 93, who lives at the nearby High Lee residential home, used the post box regularly and campaigned for its reinstatement.

He said: “The manager at the Sale Sorting Office told me they were not going to replace the post box.

“I think that the efforts of all have had an impact on their thinking but I would like them to replace it with a Victorian post box because Broad Road is a Victorian road.

“If this is impossible then any posting box will be received with joy and relief.

“I thank all those who have worked to achieve this result.”

Priory Ward councillor, Jane Baugh, said many residents have also been told by Sale Sorting Office and Royal Mail customer services that the box was not to be replaced.

Cllr Baugh said: “I am absolutely delighted that there has been a change of heart and that our concerns have been listened to, particularly as I have received a letter this morning from the Post Office stating the box was unlikely to be replaced and that the matter had been concluded.

“My thanks to the Messenger for their support also.”

A Royal Mail spokespesman said: “The postbox on the junction of Priory Road and Broad Road, Sale, was knocked down following a road traffic accident on December 23, 2013.

“The postbox was damaged beyond repair, but we have been sourcing a replacement postbox to be installed as soon as possible.

“We apologise to customers for the temporary inconvenience this has caused and would advise customers to use the nearest posting facilities until it is reinstated.”