ALTRINCHAM-born Ian Livingstone CBE, the founding father of the computer games industry will be ‘Games Curator’ of the NOISE Festival 2014 when he will personally rate submissions for new games and interactive media designers.

Ian, president for life of Eidos Interactive, the UK’s leading developer and publisher of video games, has offered internships at one his studios for his top five choices.

He said: “I intend to invite the top five people to have a job placement at one of the studios with which I am connected.

““Prove to me that you have something different to offer, show me the quality of your work and you are likely to get a job.”

The biennial NOISE Festival is produced by the award-wining charity and offers the best undiscovered creative talent a unique opportunity to gain recognition, mentorship and job opportunities.

For a chance to win, emerging creatives are invited to submit their work via an e-Portfolio on