COUNCILLORS and residents have reacted angrily to news that a Victorian post box – which was recently destroyed after being hit by a car – will not be replaced.

The post box, which was more than 100 years old, formerly stood on Broad Road, close to the junction with Priory Road, Sale, was removed more than a month ago.
Raymond Gardner, 93, who lives at the nearby High Lee residential home, used the post box regularly and has campaigned for its reinstatement.

Mr Gardner said: “They had suggested to me at Sale sorting office that use the post box where Priory Road meets Dane Road, but I’m 93 and that’s much too far for me to walk.”

He also reflected on the historic loss of the post box, one of the few of its kind remaining in the area.

“The box was Victorian and I threatened many times to photograph it and of course forgot and when it had gone I really was sorry,” said Mr Gardner.

Priory Ward councillor, Jane Baugh, said she has contacted both the Royal Mail Group and Sale Sorting Office and neither has any ‘understanding of how important the post box is to local residents’.

Cllr Baugh said: “This post box has served the area for 100 years and yet within three months of privatisation of the Royal Mail our post box will not be replaced.

“This is not a good omen for the future and we have to ask the question, who exactly is the post office now serving the public or its shareholders?”

Messenger has contacted the Royal Mail Group for comment.