THREE Urmston-based members of the Huddersfield Marathon Band have their goal set high for 2014.

Mike Lomas, 22, Mandy Westhead, 41, and Dennis Yarwood, 47, are determined to march the 26.2-miles London Marathon in 7 hours, while playing their instruments all the way round.

Their aim is to reclaim the World Record for the Fastest Marching Band to Complete a Marathon whilst raising £60,000 for Sense, a national charity that offers support to deafblind people and their families.

In 2011, the original band of musicians from Huddersfield University completed the London Marathon in 7 hours 55 minutes and made over £30,000 for charity Sense in the process.

Their record, however, was beaten in 2012 by the 55 musicians of Musikverein Dohrgaul in Germany who finished in 7 hours 22 minutes and 55 seconds.

In April the Urmston trio will be joining forces with more than 30 members of the Huddersfield Marathon Band which now includes students, brass band and marching band members from across the UK.

Cornet player and band director Mike said: ““It’s definitely going to be tough – we’ll be giving our lungs a real work-out as well as our legs, as we’ll be carrying our trumpets, horns, trombones, cornets, drums and even a tuba along the track! We’re bigger and stronger than ever and we hope our tunes will keep our fellow runners going till the finish line.”

Currently, all the members are busy training for the event while holding music concerts, golf-days and other fundraising events. They have already raised under £19,000. To send a donation, visit