A FORMER wicket keeper and lifelong member of Trafford MV Cricket Club has linked up with other writers to compile a book celebrating 150 years of Old Trafford-based Lancashire County Cricket Club (LCCC).

Andrew Searle launched the book along with captain Gregg Chapple, head coach Peter Moores and cricket director Mike Watkinson, during a question and answer session at Old Trafford on January 12.

The book traces the side’s history from its formation in 1864, through to the highs and lows of the last few seasons which saw Lancashire win the County Championship for the first time in 70 years, to be followed dramatically by relegation to the 2nd division the following season.

While the book celebrates the historic journey of LCCC, Andrew is keen to see cricket prosper at local club level and encourages young players of all ages to get involved in the sport.

His own Club,Trafford MV, will begin pre-season preparations in February . Call Steve Haughton 07514 073 249 for more information.

Andrew’s book is available from the LCCC Membership Office on 0161 282 4040.