A 13-year-old boy became seriously ill after drinking a bottle of the legal high ‘poppers’ from a shop in Sale.

Police received reports that the teenager had drank the contents of a bottle labelled ‘Liquid Gold’ on December 29, 2013.

The product contained Amyl Nitrate, a legal high, and the boy was taken to hospital after he became seriously ill.

He was treated and released the next day.

Police will be interviewing the shop owner under caution and inquiries are ongoing.

Sgt Beverley Cowan said: “As proven, if Liquid Gold is consumed, it can have very serious effects on the body.

“Although this is not illegal to sell and is often marketed as an air freshener, it is an offence to sell an intoxicating substance to anyone aged 18 or under. We are now investigating this matter.

“I would advise those who have bought Liquid Gold not to drink it as people will be putting themselves at an extreme risk of harm that could lead to fatal consequences.”