HAIRDRESSING and beauty students from Trafford College gave the gift of their time to a number of patients at Trafford General Hospital recently as they volunteered with the Kissing it Better Charity.

Kissing it Better, an initiative designed to bring a smile to the faces of patients and staff, brings talented volunteers from the local community into hospitals around the country to brighten their day.

Many of the simple ideas make patients, their relatives and staff feel truly appreciated, making a huge difference to the care of patients and their carers within hospitals and care homes.

Up to 12 students from beauty courses at the college have been taking part in a weekly rota to offer treatments to patients with dementia, along with their relatives.

Some of the pampering treatments on offer have included manicures, pedicures, hand and arm massages and hair services.

Jill Fraser, founder of Kissing it Better, said: “The Kissing it Better Charity works with Healing Environments to help improve patient care through simple ideas while engaging with the most dynamic FE groups in the community.

“Working with students from hair and beauty courses is a core part of what we do. From the feedback we’ve received in hospitals, we have discovered that their warmth and tender loving care has a massive impact on patients, relatives and staff especially as many older patients don't get many, or any, visitors. They love the treatments and hugely appreciate the time that the students give to them.

“We are also extremely keen to ensure that our students gain as much as possible from the experience and watching them blossom over the weeks is always delightful to observe. I hope this is going to be a long-term relationship with the College as the work done here is amazing.”

Jacqueline O’Sullivan, Trafford College Tutor (Nail Technicians L3) said: “The college and our students are delighted to be working in partnership with Kissing it Better on a project designed to bring a smile to the faces of patients and staff.

“As well as the reward of helping others, this experience has improved the students’ public communication skills and enhanced the employer ready and customer services skills they’d require in industry."

Chris Keady, healing environments project coordinator added: “Students have visited Trafford General twice a week for a month to uplift patients with dementia.

"Trafford College’s students have been highly professional in a potentially difficult working environment; they have enabled a positive experience for the patients at the hospital.”