A SALE cancer patient has nothing but praise for The Christie’s mobile chemotherapy unit.

Lynn Metcalfe, a retired night care assistant from Norris Road who has breast cancer, requires chemotherapy every three weeks and has been using the mobile unit since it opened last October.

The £700,000 unit was built to deliver Christie treatment closer patient’s home’s. It can treat up to 20 patients a day and is at Tesco Extra in Stretford every Tuesday.

Lynn, 66, said: “Although it’s a similar distance to Christie’s main site, it’s easier because I can park right outside and be seen straight away.

“My husband Brian also thinks the unit is very good because he works and it means he doesn’t have to wait around for so long.”

Before the mobile unit was opened, Lynn said she could wait for up to three hours to be seen, but now she doesn’t have to wait at all.

The mobile unit is staffed by Christie nurses and healthcare assistants to guarantee that patients receive the same standard of treatment and care as they would at the main site in South Manchester.

However, the grandmother of two said the unit doesn’t seem to be being used enough.

Lynn said: “I can’t understand why more people aren’t using it, it’s more one-to-one, the staff are lovely, and the treatment is no different.”

“I’m all in favour of the mobile unit, it has everything I need.”

Chemotherapy clinical service manager at the Christie, Jackie Wrench, said: “Our mobile unit has been on the road for over two months now and we’re thrilled it’s starting to make such a difference to our patients.

“The number of people using the unit on a day-to-day basis is starting to increase steadily as confidence grows that the care and treatment they receive is exactly the same as at our main Christie hospital site.”