FLIXTON girl goup Lashes Trio have reached the final of the Open Mic original songwriting competition - and they want the message of their anti-bullying record to be heard by as many people as possible.

Kelly Douglas, a spokesman for the group said the winner of the competition will be decided by the number of sales on iTunes and Trafford people can buy it from January 13.

She said: “All three of us have dealt with bullies in the past and we know it’s something that girls in particular are affected by. We wrote it to help people deal with them.”

Lashes Trio consists of Kelly, 19, Natalie Houghton, 16 and Lauren Johnson, 17, and the girls met at Flixton Academy of Performing Arts.

If they win the competition, which has attracted thousands of entries from across the UK, Lashes Trio will be innvied to take part in what Kelly described as “mini festival tours” and if Fake Barbie Doll reaches the Top 40 singles charts, the teenagers will share a cash prize of £5,000.

But Kelly said: “It’s not about the prize - we want to have our words heard to help people.”

* Big Fake Barbie Doll can also be pre-ordered on iTunes and the cost is 79p.

Subs A message in the music - left to right are Lashes Trio, Kelly Douglas, Lauren Johnson, Natalie Houghton.