AN anti-animal testing group that saved 10 ponies from being slaughtered is looking for new homes for the foals, which are currently kept at the Society for Abandoned Animals in Trafford, writes Alexandra Fraser.

Unite to Care, run by 36 year old Vicky Fraser, from Davyhulme, struck a deal for a medical organisation to release the ponies it was using for research.

Now Unite to Care is searching for homes for them – and two have already been snapped up.

The foals, aged between six to eight months, were sold to the lab – whose name must remain anonymous as part of the agreement – from a breeder in Wales when they were three months old.

Vicky said: “They were living a miserable life, squashed into overcrowded stables and terrified of the humans whose only interaction with them was to prod them with needles.

“It would have been an ordeal for any horse – but even worse given the fact these are only babies.

“Horses shouldn’t even be separated from their mothers until six months old.”

The ponies were each given names with initials that when put together spell WILL TO LIVE.

Vicky added: “They are so cheeky now compared to when they first arrived. They used to hide in the corner of the stable trembling but they get braver and more confident every day.”

Last year Messenger reported on Unite to Care’s success in freeing dogs from laboratories.

The ponies would make ‘great children’s ponies’ according to Vicky, who will only let them go to ‘kind, patient and caring owners’.

Anyone interested in giving a home to any of the ponies should email further details at