MALE drivers from Trafford are being urged to get plenty of sleep and take regular breaks, as research from Brake and Direct Line reveals a horrifying 45% admit ‘head-nodding' at the wheel - meaning they have been asleep briefly, risking appalling crashes.

Brake and Direct Line's survey reveals: • One in three drivers overall (31%) admit ‘head-nodding' at the wheel - nearly half (45%) of male drivers and one in five (22%) female drivers.

• One in 14 drivers overall (7%) admit actually ‘falling asleep' at the wheel.

Many drivers aren't aware that if you ‘head nod' (also called ‘micro-sleeps') you have already nodded off, putting yourself and others in a huge amount of danger.

Tired driving kills at least 300 people on UK roads every year [2], with a devastating impact on families across the country.