PLANS for a concert to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of The Beatles playing in Urmston ‘have moved on enormously’ and a two day event is set for this summer – pending council permission.

The concert is the brainchild of Peter Killick, who wants to recreate the legendary Urmston Show which took place at Abbotsfield Park in August 1963, at which the Beatles played and a 15-year-old Peter Noone was inspired to form his own band, Herman’s Hermits.

According to Peter, Noone was so impressed by the Beatle’s performance that he formed the Hermits, who two years later outsold the fab four in America.

Peter had hoped to ‘bring Herman home’ and that Noone would headline the gig, but the sums did not add up, however, the rest of the Hermits will play at the show if council approval is given.

Peter and his team, including Neil Swift, who like Peter grew up in Urmston, had their first application to the council rejected, but expect to submit a revised bid by early March and are hopeful of a positive decision.

“I want to show them through this next submission that we’ve made four very substantial amendments to address their key concerns,” said Peter.

The concert will now take place over two days (August 10 and 11) instead of three, a community zone which planned to showcase Trafford businesses has been cancelled, the end time of the Saturday concert has been moved forward to 9pm and road closure orders have been taken out to reduce traffic problems.

At an open meeting which all surrounding households were invited to on February 19, Peter invited people to ask questions and took steps to allay any concerns.

“Traffic was head and shoulders their biggest concern and I’ve really gone overboard to ensure it’s easier for them to get home and park than at any other time.”

Peter said the new plans ensure a much greater element of community involvement, showcasing Urmston success stories such as the Rainband and 3rd Davyhulme Scout and Guide Band alongside established acts such as the Tremeloes.

Peter and his team will be in the park this weekend to explain the proposal in person, anyone with questions or concerns can email or call 01245 387 671.

Trafford Council confirmed an application had previously been considered by the council and that there is an on-going dialogue between it and the event organiser.