ART With A Heart, the Altrincham-based facility that attracted more than 6,000 visitors in two years, is looking for a new home.

It was initially opened to raise funds for the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, a charity supporting disadvantaged youngsters.

The space went on to play host to a number of highly successful community exhibitions, including the Trafford Schools Open Exhibition.

Art With A Heart was housed in premises on Shaws Road for four months until Trafford council, the property’s owners, withdrew its support.

Project manager Karen Wroe said the team behind the project hopes to find new premises close to the town’s Market Qaurter.

She said: We are currently looking for a new home and are keen to continue with the council's ambition to move the focus of the town centre to the Market Quarter, and to date it has been difficult to find a suitable alternative that can equal the premises that we previously occupied.

“Until Art with a Heart is able to secure a new home, we need to focus our attention on marketing collateral and funding to be able to move forward. The plan is to continue to be the arts centre for the community for the benefit of the community. We are actively looking at alternative locations.”

Feedback from visitors to AWAH’s former base has been very positive and ranges from comments like “exciting and needed” and Karen, 49, from Swale Drive, Altrincham, said the ideal new home would be spacious, accessable and in an area frequented by a high number of passers by. * Art With A Heart is a not for profit organisation and anyone who can help the project find a new home should e-mail