A STRETFORD resident has expressed his concern after a mature tree was felled in an alley close to Herbert Street.

Liam McLoughlin 48, who lives on Herbert Street, complained that residents had no prior warning of the tree being cut down.

Mr McLoughlin said: “I rang the company felling the tree, and they informed me that the council had given them permission. I rang the council to check but nobody would give me an answer.”

He added: “The tree has been cut all the way down to a 5 foot stub. It was the same tree I used to climb on as a teenager 30 years ago, and looks like it had been there for more than 70 years. It was home to many birds too.”

But a spokesperson from Trafford Council said that permission wasn't needed to fell the tree because it was not on council land.

She added: “It’s a private tree. It’s not covered by a tree preservation order and isn’t in a conservation area so there would be no need for anyone to contact us to get permission.”