A 1260sq.m Aldi foodstore is to open at Stretford Mall, following a decision by Trafford Council planning committee.

To the disappointment of some, including ward councillor Stephen Adshead, the majority of the development will be located within a 788sq.m extension, rather than existing empty units.

Cllr Adshead said: “In the Mall we have a number of empty units and with Argos and Shoe Tree going it seems at odds to me for an extension as proposed, I would have preferred the owners to be looking at consolidating the existing centre and units before creating new empty ones.

However, the councillor said he does welcome the introduction of a new supermarket to the area.

The extension will be added to Unit 5A of the Mall which currently houses Wilkinsons.
As part of the development, the Unit will be split into four 100sq.m kiosks and it is hoped Wilkinsons will relocate inside the Mall.

At the planning meeting on December 13, Cllr Lawrence Walsh said the application was very much welcome and Cllr Brian Shaw said the area had been ‘crying out’ for a development of this kind for a long time.

Cllr Dolores O’Sullivan said that while she was initially concerned about developers not utilising existing empty units, she had changed her mind upon looking through the plans and listening to the applicant’s ideas.

She added: “We very much welcome the choice for the customers there.”