DAVYHULME Pimary School has eight-year-old Sonny Miller to thank for their brand new Christmas tree with all the trimmings.

Sonny entered a B&Q competition which gave pupils to post a letter to Father Christmas explaining why their school deserved a free Christmas tree, delivered by the big man himself.

Festive post boxes were placed in 15 stores across the UK and Ireland and Sonny’s letter, which clinched the tree for Davyhulme Primary, was the only winner in the north west.

Daniel Robertson, duty manager at B&Q Trafford Park said: “We received some lovely letters from children who were all very enthusiastic about the competition prize.

“Davyhulme Primary School was a worthy winner with an entry from Sonny Miller stating ‘Ilike to win the prize because it's a fantastic school and the teachers are fun. If I won I would say I won it at B&Q where I do the kids classes which are great’.”