TIMPERLEY school children educated speeding drivers about the importance of complying with speed limits as part of special police operation.

The pupils from St Hughs RC Primary School stopped 21 drivers on Park Road on November 13 in an effort to deal with speeding offences via restorative justice.

All drivers stopped elected to be spoken to by the children, however one person was issued with a court summons for speeding.

Insp Clark Bowers of Altrincham Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "Drivers are often presented with a number of messages to reduce speed, but I can't think of anything more impactive than a speeding motorist being educated on the importance of complying with speed limits by a child from their own area.

"Involving pupils from local schools to question and challenge a motorist stopped for exceeding the speed limit in their area really allows the message to get across to prevent future behaviour.

“It is about solving the problem from a community perspective, rather than police.

“The children are able to spread the message to speeding motorists about the benefits that driving more slowly and safely in residential areas has for them, their family, and their neighbours."