PUTTING on a show that isn’t one of the firm favourites is a bit of a gamble, said Altrincham-raised producer Kenny Wax.

After sitting through Wonderful Town I’m thinking of asking him to do my lottery numbers every week, because this so-called gamble is sure to pay off - in spectacular fashion.

Currently playing at The Lowry, this is the best professional production of a musical I’ve seen so far. It brings together three of the country’s leading arts organisations, the Lowry, the Royal Exchange and the Halle Orchestra and this is, undoubtedly, a marriage made in heave The story follows two highly likeable sisters, Ruth and Eileen, as they try to adjust to a new life in the big, bad city. The roles are played by Connie Fisher and Lucy Van Gasse and I don’t think performances in musical theatre get any better than this. These sort of performances are so good, aspiring actors could leave the theatre seriously depressed after watching them. The timing, the singing and the dancing is completely flawless.

The luxury treats just keep on coming, from the slick, stylish and sometimes sexy choreography to Bernstein’s fabulous score. I loved Ohio and Quiet Girl and just thinking about them makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Miss this and you’ll kick yourself. This is world class theatre. Absolutely sensational.

* Until April 21. The box office is on 0843 208 6000. Star rating - *****