PLAY group may be closed but the Lowry has opened a new door for over threes – the theatre.

It is nice to hear them laughing at the motley assortment of characters who appear in Room on the Broom, adapted by Tall Stories Theatre Company.

Fortunately, most of them are lulled to sleep at home by Julia Donaldson’s magical tale and know Axel Scheffler’s illustrations well so they aren’t afraid of the witch.

They realise that this one is not evil but friendly and slightly scatty.

She can sing, and like all witches, she owns a cat. Unlike the rest of the cast, both she and her cat are played by humans.

Her broomstick becomes crowded when a waggy-tailed dog. a bird and an eccentric frog all want to hop aboard after the witch has lost her hat, hair bow and wand.

The humans playing the witch and the cat are put across well by Amy Harris and Emma Crowley-Bennett who wears a striped costume just like in the book.

The puppet characters are moved by Connor Bloom, (the bird) and David Garrud (the dog and the frog)

Connor also manipulates in a delightful fashion, the witch’s arch enemy, a fire breathing dragon whose favourite meal is witch and chips.

One thing is certain. The kids love it. Three-year-old Zach said he liked the spells best.

* This Olivier-nominated show is at the Lowry until Sunday, August 27 at 11 am and 2 pm. Tickets from 0843 208 6010 or Group bookings from 0843 308 6003. Star rating: * * *