JOE Meighan, 22, the producer of Meighan Youth Theatre and director of A Chorus Line, chose the musical for their summer show because it is not done very often.

“Also, we have noticed that a lot of the young people who want to go to drama school and become professional actors so it was time to do a production that was about the industry and about that world, "said Joe, 22.

“It is good to give them a challenge.

“It is set in an audition and about getting a job dancing. It is hard hitting and funny.

“Fay Etherington is the choreographer. She is a professional dancer and choreographer

“I met her and the musical director last night and it quickly became apparent how important her role is. She will put her own stamp on it.”

The cast of 14 to 25- year-olds have just two weeks of full-time, daily rehearsals at Christ Church, Davyhulme.

“We are lucky to have so many men. There are 10 leading roles for men and we have 16 blokes in it. It is hard to find men who can dance to the level required.

“We are fortunate to have Neil Bennett as the musical director. He will conduct two keyboard players, a bass player and a drummer.

“They will be on the stage at the side.”

The key role of Zach, the director, will go to 20-year-old Chris Wagstaff, a stalwart of MYT for five years.

Sheila, an older dancer, will be played by 19-year-old Amelia Atherton.

“She is very mature and has stage presence,” said Joe.

“Singing and speech are important but the emphasis in this musical is on dancing.”

“A Chorus Line is at Sale Waterside Arts Centre from August 3 – 5.

Tickets are available from 0161 912 5616 or from