PERFORMERS in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Feelgood Theatre’s promenade production at Heaton Park from July 20 – August 6, will know when their director has arrived.

For lively Caroline Clegg will travel from her Old Trafford home to the park on a Triumph Bonneville motor bike.

Caroline, who has won awards for previous productions, has also directed many operas.

“I enjoy directing both plays and operas,” she said.

“When I am directing a play I always look for the musicality in the rhythm and metre of each line – which is handy for Shakespeare."

Along with their picnics, the audience will enjoy singing accompanied by flute and trumpet.

Caroline has included Franck Pourcel and Paul Mauirt’s I will follow Him because she loves it. Other numbers included vary between Felix Mendelssohn and Benjamin Britten’s works about A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the Everly Brothers’ All I have to do is Dream.

Caroline said: “Heaton Park is a canvas to paint a story on.

"When you get a sunset behind it, there is nothing nicer.”

Elianne Byrne will play Titania.

“We can imagine the Queen of the Fairies living in bowers and woods. Seeing Titania in her element is stunning – like the actress.”

The funniest lines come from Toby Hadoke’s Bottom, a stalwart of the Manchester comedy scene for more than 20 years.

“He was born to play the role,” said Caroline.

She loves Heaton Park. “I like discovering new places that fit with the characters and the plays.

“People will enjoy, not just the park but the cast and the story. It’s very funny and irreverent. The singing is amazing.

“Natural lighting and sunshine are the best lighting effects even in a thunderstorm. We will carry on whatever the weather and have never cancelled a show since 1998."

* For tickets, see or buy in cash from Heaton Stables café.