ALTRINCHAM Little Theatre will put on a traditional Agatha Christie whodunit next week with her masterpiece Witness for the Prosecution.

It’s about what happens when Emily French, an elderly woman who recently left her considerable estate to the charming young Leonard Vole, is found murdered.

Although he protests his innocence, Leonard becomes the prime suspect.

His plea depends on his wife’s testimony until the sudden appearance of a mysterious woman bearing an unexpected clue.

Will the truth be revealed in time or will Leonard be found guilty at the hands of the witness for the prosecution?

Expect twists, turns, emotional outbursts and quirky characters as Leonard’s lawyers attempt to untangle the truth.

This production, directed by John Chidgey will feature many familiar Altrincham Little Theatre faces as well as new arrivals.

* Witnesss for the Prosecution is at Altrincham Little Theatre from March 19 – 25.

For tickets, priced £9 telephone 0161 928 1113 or email See also Facebook at Altrincham Little Theatre/The Club Theatre or