IMPOSSIBLE, the spectacular magic show, presented at the Palace Theatre by Jamie Hendry and Gavin Kalin productions has you gasping in wonder.  

How do this mix of illusionists, escapologists, masters of mind reading and sleight of hand, do their technological trickery without giving away their secrets?

From the beginning we are jolted into a different world.  

The show opens to a scene of torture which is quite scary.

Fortunately, it doesn’t continue like that and there are far more gentle yet interesting acts to follow.

There are plenty of glamorous ladies being sawn in half, etc. but there is only one woman performer.   She is Josephine Lee who, along with Hans Klok, is known for breaking the record for the most illusions performed in five minutes.

Break dancing master, Magical Bones, performs a card trick during a sommersault.   He rebuilds a burnt and torn £20 note.

The most spectacular performer is Jonathan Goodwin who is set on fire whilst upside down in a straight jacket and manages to escape.  Blindfolded he punctures a balloon on a woman’s head with a cross bow.

Ben Hart’s close up rope trick is magnified by an on stage video and Lee Thompson pick pockets  cigarettes and a  mobile phone from a volunteer  before undetectably returning them.

Be prepared to be picked at random especially by mind reader Chris Cox.

It’s  IMPOSSIBLE to work out how they do it.

*  IMPOSSIBLE is at the Palace Theatre until Saturday, March 26.  Book at  or by calling the box office on 0844 871 3018.  Star rating: * * * *.