WHATEVER their age, music lovers will enjoy one of two concerts to be presented by the Stamford Orchestra, formed in 2015.

They will take place at St Peter’s Church, Ashley Road, Hale, at different times on Saturday, February 25.

The first, with children in mind, will start at 3.30 with a performance of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf narrated by Simon Royce.

Some children will sit with the players.

Later, at 7.30, Peter and the Wolf will be repeated and the concert will include Mozart’s Overture: Don Giovanni and his Symphomy No 35 in D (Haffner)

Thomas Davey will conduct both concerts.

Profits will go to Syria Relief boosting the £12,000 already raised for various charities.

Thomas Davey said: “Ever since we started, we have had sell out concerts. We are keen to stress to our audience that the Stamford Orchestra is their orchestra, in their area.”

Tickets, priced £6 for the matinee and £14 - £19 in the evening, are available from 0333 666 3366 or from ticketsource.co.uk/stamfordensemble.