RYAN Kenny hasn’t let being dyslexic put him off from his sole ambition – writing a book.

He has achieved his aim by having Broken Tides, a 466-page story about two brothers who, in 784 AD live in different countries, published.

Ryan, 21, from Dunster Drive, , Flixton, got the kernel of the idea when delivering Messengers between the ages of 14 and 17.

He said: “I used to jot down notes on my round and now I am a team leader on the non-food section at Sainsbury’s, I put them on my phone.”

In the book, set eight years before the Linidsfarne raid, Carlnut, a warrior from Hordaland is shipwrecked and ends up in Wessex. His brother, Solvi becomes a jarl (earl) whilst Carlnut is a lord.

“The climax comes when they meet again,” said Ryan.

“In some ways, the ending is a cliff hanger.”

The writer has always been interested in that period of history.

“I got a lot of information from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle written by monks between 500 AD and 1100 AD

“I wanted to make sure that I got the names of kings and queens right. Also, what people wore and what they ate.”

It took him 18 months to write, the bulk of it in Croatia which, like the setting of his tale, was by the sea.

He is grateful to his partner, Fiona Elmslie, and his family for their support.

“They raised £1200 so I could have it edited professionally,” he said.

He plans to write a sequel in 2018 featuring the same characters, followed by two more books about them.

Also on his list are stories about Julius Caesar and the Wars of the Roses.

*Broken Tides costs £3.50 on Amazon Kindle or a hard copy is available, priced £10.20 from amazon.co.uk.