ALAN Clements is not only directing Dick Whittington and his Wonderful Cat at Altrincham Garrick but has written it too.

What’s more, he has done the same for them for the last seven years.

He usually deals with professional theatre.

He presented and wrote pantos at the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds for 15 years and has run his own Production Company for 30 years.

“I enjoy my work,” he said.

“My panto is always a traditional, family one.

“People come with small children and elderly relatives knowing that the Garrick’s jokes are never near the knuckle.

“You are aware that it could be the first time a child sees a live performance. Hopefully, they will love theatre for the rest of their lives.”

Megan Royle plays Dick.

“She has a lovely voice as does Claire Louise Garrett who plays Principal Girl, Alice Fitzwarren.

Alan said: “When they sing a duet together. their voices mix beautifully.”

Phil Edwards will, once again, play the dame.

“He ad libs a lot – so beware if you sit on the front row.

“His jokes are clean as a whistle.”

Dick Whittington is the only panto based on a real person.

A Dick Whittington really did become Lord Mayor of London.

“He was from a wealthy, influential family and he didn’t have a cat,” said Alan.

“Inpanto, he is always a poor person aspiring to be big.”

• Dick Whittington and his Wonderful Cat runs from December 10 to January 2 and includes some matinees.

For tickets, much in demand, telephone 0161 928

1677 or book online.