THOSE much loved characters from Last of the Summer Wine – Foggy, Compo and Clegg - are brought to life on the Garrick stage by Aidan Kielty, Barry Spencer and John Westbrook.

Television is, after all, only two dimensional whereas live theatre is three dimensional.

So, creator, Roy Clarke, has made his characters larger than life.

Foggy,that former military man, decides he’d like some female company and invites Nora Batty (Christine Perry) and her niece, Constance, (Paula Keen) for tea at Cleggy’s.

Before he knows it he’s engaged to Constance, much to the consternation, not only of Foggy himself, but of her long term boyfriend, Gifford, the bobby (Bryn Thomas). Both men’s faces are classic!

These three are all true to type and funny but Barry Spencer’s Compo is the nearest to his TV counterpart. There’s a hilarious scene when he gets his hand stuck in Nora’s bra!

Add a flasher and the plot thickens.

That role goes to Sean Duvall who in his twin mackintoshes looks every inch the part as he measures inches with his mechanical inside leg detector. He turns out to be a different sort of flasher. You’ll never guess how.

The women are equally good. I especially like Christine Perry’s bossy Nora Batty.

The Garrick have re-enacted TV programmes successfully before and have done this difficult task well once more - thanks to the excellent direction of John Chidgey and Rani Jackson.

* Last of the Summer Wine is at the Garrick Playhouse until Saturday, November 26. For tickets, ring 0161 928 1677 or see Star rating: * * * *