A Fixed Air Sign - Eleventh Sign of the Zodiac - Ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus


You’re heading for world conquest but you will only succeed if you have the maximum levels of self-discipline and determination.

It looks as if you may be thinking about taking a break from work. And why not, after all that’s been happening? But please judge carefully whether now is the right time. Think clearly about money, or you may be in for a financial crisis. If you are travelling after August, do take care to check all arrangements, or else you may come unstuck. Punctuality is critically important. December draws to a close with pleasant planets aligned with your professional house, indicating that you are going to end the year as you began it, very much pre-occupied with career matters and your status within the community. Do give yourself a break and get involved in as many festivities as possible.

This is a time of mystery and dreams, a period when you’re asking who am I and where am I going and, more importantly, who with? And, when nothing is clear, be prepared to sit back and enjoy the ride. Venus, planet of love, changes signs repeatedly, bringing indications of a discreet romance and, in July, it ushers into the open – so be sure to have a convincing story ready! Even though your celestial patterns in the last half of the year are pleasant, it won’t be all plain sailing. The most remarkable astrological configurations are never the easiest, and at the time it may appears that nothing very much is happening – it is only when you look back at times like this that you realise how extraordinary they are.

KEY DATE: December is a make-or-break month. With skilful handling you will transform your life for the better.

Your mood is dominated by wise and witty Mercury, which is due to take up residence in friendly and supportive sectors of your chart. This is all to the good and should help maintain a sense of equilibrium and a feeling that life is basically on the right track. However, in May and June, it may be a matter of one step forward, two steps back and all affairs, both personal and professional, are likely to meet delays. Please accept it as normal if colleagues seem to change their minds, employers cancel arrangements or financial ventures appear to run into the ground. It will all work out just fine in the end!

Significant dates flow thick and fast in January, welcoming you to the new year with a bang rather than a whimper. The time for action is now – but the best approach one day may not be the same as on the next. The key to success is therefore flexibility in the extreme – and a devout willingness to compromise. By June and July it will be clear that without extra funds there is no way that you can live the adventurous social life that is really so necessary. A younger relation could increasingly be a potent influence in your life, but one which needs to be watched with caution.

Watch out for emotional and professional complications in October. Try to keep your affairs as simple as possible.

Refresh your energy in October.